Discovering the Source of a Fever

Discovering the Source of a Fever

Finding Support As A Caregiver Of The Disabled

by Phoebe Jensen

A disability does not only impact the affected individual; it affects the entire family and especially the primary caregiver. There are many different types of disability support available. In the following, three different supports are described:

1) Family, Friends, and Community

Once a disability is discovered, caregivers and other family members or friends need to draw upon the resources available to them. One of the first things sought after should be the help and support of family, friends, and community. These are the people that you will be surrounded with to aid in emotional support as well as keeping yourself mentally healthy. Caring for a child with a disability can be wearing on all levels. Keeping in close and frequent contact with loved ones can help lighten the load, increase mental stability, and decrease feelings of loneliness or depression. Finding and keeping in touch with other families dealing with similar circumstances can also be a great strength. Social media, such as Facebook, can be a very helpful aid in this endeavor.

2) Respite and Therapy

Respite comes in various ways, but it is primarily for caregivers to get a needed break. This break can actually assist you in becoming a better caregiver as you receive some alone-time or time with your spouse and other children. Different agencies can offer overnight assistance and advising. In addition to respite, getting the disabled individual involved in therapy will be helpful to everyone. Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, behavior therapy, and more can help the individual reach goals for higher independence and happiness.

4) Medical and Financial Assistance

A large and difficult burden associated with any disability is the financial load of medications, expensive equipment, and so forth. In order to keep financially afloat and avoid the depressing sinking associated with major debt and financial problems, it is important to seek help. Several agencies are ready to assist. Easter Seals, for example, provides widespread assistance. You can also check out various websites, such as Mobility Basics that can provide great help and resources. You can also look for grants that give money and assistance to those in need, particularly those that are low income.

There are many options out there for various disability support, depending on your financial circumstances, location, and the disability. Do not suffer alone in the wide world of disabilities. You are not alone and there is help. Just remember, you may be lost in this new terrain, but there is hope and happiness in the journey. For more information on disability support, talk to a professional like Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc.


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Discovering the Source of a Fever

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